COTA believes that through gender role identification and segregation improves on the community level of participation and engagement. We also provide information on human rights and women rights during the session.
COTA staff take the young people through Gender roles and planning in their different communities.
Livelihood & Economic strengthening opportunities have in the past years been accorded to in and out of school youths and their households to ensure that they have reasonable incomes to meet their basic necessities. The livelihood opportunities include provision of financial literacy and promotion of saving through VSLA (village saving and loan associations). Over 120 young people have been equipped with the training skills on advocacy, organization and campaigning for resources. COTA has trained 40 VSLA beneficiaries’ particularly young women and men, on how to start Income Generating projects like poultry, piggery, and backyard gardening etc. at household level in Zone 4 and Zone 1.
Kitchen gardening project for one of our beneficiaries and young women movement building group members meeting on economic violence.